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Choosing the service to suit your project

Loft conversions are either permitted development or they require planning permission and your first step in planning the project is to establish which of these planning routes suits your project best. You can read up on the subject here or you can speak to one of our consultants by calling us on 01732 792 027. Either way we have a service to suit you:

Option 1 - For projects using Permitted Development Rights

Most loft conversions are carried out using Permitted Development Rights (commonly known as PD Rights). These rights are a type of "blanket" planning consent which are particularly useful for designing loft conversions - especially where the project is a "typical" loft conversion being carried out on a "typical" house (although not flats). If that sounds like your project then PD Rights will probably be sufficient to let you carry out the loft conversion without having to gain planning permission from the local planning authority. However, it is very important to be sure that Permitted Development Rights are available to use and to understand the conditions attached to them before undertaking any works. There are many instances where PD Rights are restricted, or removed entirely, in regard to certain buildings or even whole areas so they are not always the solution. Please speak to us about your particular circumstances, we will be happy to help.


Option 2 - For projects which require an application for Planning Permission

If you need to apply for planning permission for your proposed loft conversion you should be aware that there is a certain amount of inherent risk involved in doing this. Although we are highly experienced in this area, and have a good rate of success, the simple truth is that the outcome of any application for Planning Permission can never be guaranteed, as that would simply defy the nature of the process. Refusals are possible and the likelihood of that outcome occurring significantly increases if you are unwilling or unable to work within the planning authority's published design guidance. If your project requires Planning Permission we will deliver our service in a phased way which helps to limit unnecessary costs being incurred before Planning Permission has been secured. 

Permitted Development Package
Planning Application Package
Extra Planning Applications
Upgrade to Project Documents
Measured Survey
Planning Issue Drawings
Location Plan
Block Plan
Planning Submission
Building Control Drawings
Structural Calculations
Project Specification
Hard Copies
Building Control Submission
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